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Summary:Delphi for PHP disappointed me
Author:Beier, Uwe
Date:2007-05-30 09:15:00
Update:2007-05-30 17:27:34

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Picture of Beier, Uwe Beier, Uwe - 2007-05-30 17:27:34
After buying and testing the Delphi for PHP version, I'm really disappointed of the way, CodeGear released the new product.
As an "old Delphi user" (i started programming with Delphi 1.0) i have to say, that this software is the badest implementation of a tool I ever bought from Borland!

The shipped online documentation is unacceptable, because it is in most parts incomplete. Some components do not work like expected.
An example: place a mainmenu component on a new form, add a menu with three or four submenus and place a listbox right beneath the menu. If you save and run the form and click on the menu, the submenu pops up behind then listbox...
You have no possibility to arrange the menu in front of the listbox.

Database components have no possibility to appear read only. All changes in any data aware component are directly transfered to the underlaying database.

And so on...

My result about Delphi for PHP: a good idea, but the realisation is not "Borland like"! I think, i have to wait for the next version, until i can use the tool for productive developement.

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