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Subject:Package specifications
Summary:I need to here more about this Package specifications
Date:2018-09-03 09:10:39

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Picture of behnamy behnamy - 2018-09-03 09:10:39
Hi, would you tell me more about the Package specifications? I wanna know it's limitations, and would you compare it with percona? I know exactly what is percona is and it's limitations.

These are my needs:
1- I have 3 Geographically distributed servers which I want to sync them, my load balancer sends requests to these servers randomly.

2- I want to use InnoDB (Not preferred to use NDB Cluster engine of MySQL Cluster), also I have some in-memory tables, but not that much important to use memory tables, I can switch to InnoDB.

3- I want something hidden to application layer, I want to INSERT/SELECT and etc... like before, without changing my codes.

4- I want something master/master replication or sync or whatever for when each of my master servers goes down no failure happens, Does your package has any node failure detection in it?