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sorting a domit parsed xml file

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Subject:sorting a domit parsed xml file
Summary:sort/display xml domit parsed php variable in a smarty template
Author:dave morris
Date:2006-09-01 10:21:26

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Picture of dave morris dave morris - 2006-09-01 10:21:26
i have an xml document that is structured like this:

<name>Test Project</name>
<location>Barcelona, Spain</location>
<description><![CDATA[<p>This is a test project description with two paragraphs</p><p>this is the second paragraph</p> ]]></description>
<type>Corporate Garden</type>
<info>this is a field for extra information, about the clients, the size, price, etc...</info>
<image name="test.porch.jpg" title="this is image 1." />
<image name="test.firstfloor.jpg" title="this is image 2." />
<image name="test.firstfloor2.jpg" title="this is image 2." />
<file />
<file />

and i want to parse it with domit, and be able to output any of the items, sorted by various values, and then output those values in a smarty template... will that work, or should i go with xsl instead?