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File: dict_files/labeled.dic

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File: dict_files/labeled.dic
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: NIL
Class: PHP Sentence Parser
Parses and analyzes words in sentences
Author: By
Last change: Update of dict_files/labeled.dic
Date: 3 months ago
Size: 3,461 bytes


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% labeled.dic % Add-on dictionary containing the -eling and -eled versions of all % words with -eling/elling and -eled/elled variable spelling, % eg labeled/labelled % Constructed from US.dic and UK.dic % Patrick W Daly 1998/03/20 dueled dueler fueled fueler beveled beveler cupeled cupeler develed doweled duelers dueling duelist fuelers fueling gaveled gaveler grueled grueler hoveled hoveler jeweled jeweler labeled labeler lapeled leveled leveler libeled libelee libeler modeled paneled raveled raveler rebeled reveled reveler roweled toweled voweled yodeled yodeler barreled bevelers beveling boweling busheled busheler cageling canceled canceler chiseled chiseler corbeled creneled cudgeled cudgeler cupelers cupeling develing doweling driveled driveler duelings duelists enameled enameler ferreled funneled gaveling graveled groveled groveler gruelers grueling hanseled houseled hovelers hoveling jewelers jewelery jeweling kenneled kerneled labelers labeling labeloid laureled levelers levelest leveling libelant libelees libelers libeling libelous marceled marceler marveled medeling modeling nickeled paneling panelist parceled pommeled pummeled rappeled ravelers raveling rebeling rebelion refueled refueler revelent revelers reveling roweling shoveled shoveler sideling sniveled sniveler swiveled tasseled teaseled teaseler teazeled tinseled toweling traveled traveler troweled troweler tunneled tunneler weaseled yodelers yodeling appareled barreling bejeweled belibeled bevelings bushelers busheling cancelers canceling cancelous chandeled channeled channeler chiselers chiseling corbeling counseled counselor crenelate creneling cudgelers cudgeling drivelers driveling emboweled empaneled enamelers enameling enamelist ferreling flanneled funneling graveling grovelers groveling gruelings handseled hanseling hatcheled hatcheler hosteling houseling impaneled kenneling kerneling laureling libelants marceling marveling marvelous nickeling panelings panelists parceling pommeling pummeling quarreled quarreler rappeling ravelings refuelers refueling relabeled remodeled remodeler revelings satcheled shovelers shoveling shriveled snivelers sniveling snorkeled spanceled swiveling tasseling teaselers teaseling teazeling tinselier tinseling towelings trammeled trammeler travelers traveling trowelers troweling tunnelers tunneling unlabeled unleveled unraveled unraveler weaseling appareling becudgeled bejeweling belibeling bushelings cancelable chandeling channelers channeling chiselings corbelings counseling counselors crenelated crenelates cudgelings cupelation disboweled disheveled emboweling empaneling enamelings enamelists ensorceled flanneling gruelingly handseling hatchelers hatcheling houselings impaneling jeweleries libelously mislabeled quarrelers quarreling relabeling remodelers remodeling sentineled shriveling snorkeling spanceling squirreled tinseliest trammelers trammeling travelable travelings tunnelings uncanceled unkenneled unleveling unravelers unraveling untraveled becudgeling cancelation counselable counselings crenelating crenelation disboweling disheveling entrameling entrammeled grovelingly marvelously mislabeling nonlibelous precanceled rebeliously remodelings sentineling squirreling unkenneling untrammeled cancelations crenelations disemboweled entrammeling precanceling counselorship disemboweling marvelousness noncancelable rebeliousness semirebelious counselorships noncancelation precancelation