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File: dict_files/colour.dic

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File: dict_files/colour.dic
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: NIL
Class: PHP Sentence Parser
Parses and analyzes words in sentences
Author: By
Last change: Update of dict_files/colour.dic
Date: 3 months ago
Size: 4,093 bytes


Class file image Download
% Colour.dic % Add-on dictionary containing the -our versions of all % words with -or/our variable spelling, eg color/colour % Constructed from US.dic and UK.dic % Patrick W Daly 1998/05/19 amour odour amours arbour ardour armour calour colour detour devour dolour favour honour humour labour odours rigour rumour savour tumour valour vapour vigour arbours ardours armours armoury candour clamour colours coloury detours devours dolours enamour favours fervour flavour glamour harbour honours humours labours odoured paviour rancour rigours rumours saviour savours savoury stupour succour tambour tumours vapours vapoury armoured armourer belabour clamours clangour coloured colourer decolour detoured devoured devourer enamours encolour favoured favourer fervours flamoury flavours glamours harbours honoured honouree honourer humoured humourer laboured labourer odourant odourful paramour paviours recolour rumoured rumourer saviours savoured savourer stupours succours tumoural unarmour uncolour unfavour unhonour unlabour vapourer armourers armouries armouring behaviour belabours clamoured clamourer clangours colourant coloureds colourers colourful colouring colourist colourman colourmen colourway decolours demeanour detouring devourers devouring discolour disfavour dishonour dishumour dolourous enamoured encolours endeavour favourers favouring favourite flavoured flavourer glamoured harboured harbourer honourees honourers honouring humourers humourful humouring labourers labouring labourism labourist labourite neighbour odourless paramours pompadour prolabour rancoured recolours rigourous rumourers rumouring savourers savourier savouries savourily savouring splendour succoured succourer tricolour tumourous unflavour unharbour unicolour unsavoury vapouring vapourish vigourish amourously antilabour antitumour armourless behaviours belaboured clamourers clamouring clangoured colourable colourably colourants colourcast colourfast colourings colourists colourless colourwash colourways decoloured demeanours discolours disfavours dishonours dishumours enamouring encoloured endeavours favourable favourably favourites favourless flavourers flavourful flavouring glamouring harbourage harbourers harbouring honourable honourably honourless humourists humourless humoursome labouredly labourings labourists labourites neighbours pompadours rancourous recoloured savouriest savourless splendours stupourous succourant succourers succouring tambourine tricolours unarmoured uncoloured unfavoured unharbours unhonoured unlaboured vapourable vapourless varicolour vigourless antitumours behavioural belabouring clangouring colourblind colourcasts colourfully colouristic colourpoint decolouring devouringly discoloured disfavoured disfavourer dishonoured dishonourer dishumoured encolouring endeavoured endeavourer favouringly favouritism flavourings flavourless flavoursome harbourages harbourless honourables labouringly laboursaver neighboured neighbourly neurohumour odourimetry odouriphore recolouring savouriness succourable succourance succourless tambourines tricoloured unflavoured unharboured unsavourily versicolour watercolour antitumoural behaviourial behaviourism behaviourist behavioursim colourlessly colourpoints colourwashed colourwashes detournement discolouring disfavouring dishonourers dishonouring endeavourers endeavouring favouritisms flavourfully humourlessly labouredness labouriously laboursavers laboursaving malbehaviour misbehaviour misdemeanour neighbouring odouriferous rumourmonger technicolour unfavourable unfavourably varicoloured watercolours behaviourally behaviourists colourability colourcasting colourfulness colourwashing dishonourable dishonourably humourousness misdemeanours multicoloured neighbourhood neighbourless neurohumoural odourimetries particoloured unneighbourly unsavouriness vapourability versicoloured behaviouristic colourableness colourfastness colourlessness favourableness honourableness humourlessness neighbourhoods odouriferously technicoloured neighbourliness odouriferousness unfavourableness dishonourableness