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File: dict_files/color.dic
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: NIL
Class: PHP Sentence Parser
Parses and analyzes words in sentences
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% Color.dic % Add-on dictionary containing the -or versions of all % words with -or/our variable spelling, eg color/colour % Constructed from US.dic and UK.dic % Patrick W Daly 1998/05/19 amor odor amors arbor ardor armor calor color detor devor dolor favor honor humor labor odors rigor rumor savor tumor valor vapor vigor arbors ardors armors armory candor clamor colors colory detors devors dolors enamor favors fervor flavor glamor harbor honors humors labors odored pavior rancor rigors rumors savior savors savory stupor succor tambor tumors vapors vapory armored armorer belabor clamors clangor colored colorer decolor detored devored devorer enamors encolor favored favorer fervors flamory flavors glamors harbors honored honoree honorer humored humorer labored laborer odorant odorful paramor paviors recolor rumored rumorer saviors savored savorer stupors succors tumoral unarmor uncolor unfavor unhonor unlabor vaporer armorers armories armoring behavior belabors clamored clamorer clangors colorant coloreds colorers colorful coloring colorist colorman colormen colorway decolors demeanor detoring devorers devoring discolor disfavor dishonor dishumor dolorous enamored encolors endeavor favorers favoring favorite flavored flavorer glamored harbored harborer honorees honorers honoring humorers humorful humoring laborers laboring laborism laborist laborite neighbor odorless paramors pompador prolabor rancored recolors rigorous rumorers rumoring savorers savorier savories savorily savoring splendor succored succorer tricolor tumorous unflavor unharbor unicolor unsavory vaporing vaporish vigorish amorously antilabor antitumor armorless behaviors belabored clamorers clamoring clangored colorable colorably colorants colorcast colorfast colorings colorists colorless colorwash colorways decolored demeanors discolors disfavors dishonors dishumors enamoring encolored endeavors favorable favorably favorites favorless flavorers flavorful flavoring glamoring harborage harborers harboring honorable honorably honorless humorists humorless humorsome laboredly laborings laborists laborites neighbors pompadors rancorous recolored savoriest savorless splendors stuporous succorant succorers succoring tamborine tricolors unarmored uncolored unfavored unharbors unhonored unlabored vaporable vaporless varicolor vigorless antitumors behavioral belaboring clangoring colorblind colorcasts colorfully coloristic colorpoint decoloring devoringly discolored disfavored disfavorer dishonored dishonorer dishumored encoloring endeavored endeavorer favoringly favoritism flavorings flavorless flavorsome harborages harborless honorables laboringly laborsaver neighbored neighborly neurohumor odorimetry odoriphore recoloring savoriness succorable succorance succorless tamborines tricolored unflavored unharbored unsavorily versicolor watercolor antitumoral behaviorial behaviorism behaviorist behaviorsim colorlessly colorpoints colorwashed colorwashes detornement discoloring disfavoring dishonorers dishonoring endeavorers endeavoring favoritisms flavorfully humorlessly laboredness laboriously laborsavers laborsaving malbehavior misbehavior misdemeanor neighboring odoriferous rumormonger technicolor unfavorable unfavorably varicolored watercolors behaviorally behaviorists colorability colorcasting colorfulness colorwashing dishonorable dishonorably humorousness misdemeanors multicolored neighborhood neighborless neurohumoral odorimetries particolored unneighborly unsavoriness vaporability versicolored behavioristic colorableness colorfastness colorlessness favorableness honorableness humorlessness neighborhoods odoriferously technicolored neighborliness odoriferousness unfavorableness dishonorableness